Teddy Bears for children involved in auto accidents

  1. Zip lock bag keep bears clean
    Zip lock bag keep bears clean
    Costco donates zip lock bags to keep the Teddy Bears clean. Our kids stuff secret messages under the bears t-shirt, a special note, artwork and signature for the child in need.
  2. A fun charitable day for all
    A fun charitable day for all
    The CHP have been wonderful to work with giving the kids sticker badges, bicycle helmets, and letting them play in the 1st responder vehicles with the siren and lights.
  3. Charity at an early age
    Charity at an early age
    Parents are happy to have a charity where kids can participate and connect with children in need. We hope to mold young minds and create a friendly relationship with law enforcement.
  4. Title 7
    Title 7
  5. Title 8
    Title 8
  6. Title 9
    Title 9
  7. Title 10
    Title 10

Bobby Brigade was granted 501c3 status in 2019!!!
EIN: 83-4270009
All donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.

Please help Bobby spread the love to more states. 

Bobby Brigade has provided a Teddy Bear for every single Highway Patrol 1st responder vehicle throughout the entire state of California each year since 2012.

In 2018 Bobby's Brigade supplied the same Teddy Bears for every Highway Patrol 1st responder vehicle in 5 states, Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, California, and New York. 
This year Bobby's friends will be sending secret messages to the child in need. 
Small Bear cutouts with "I'm sending you a big Bear Hug" stamped on one side and our kids will sign their name, a note and do some art work on the other side. 

They will then stuff the note under the Teddy Bears T-shirt and zip lock bag the bear. 
Bringing the kids together for a special moment.



​We buy in bulk to bring the cost down to $2 per Teddy Bear. 
Shipping and custom fees adds another $1.50 per Teddy Bear.
A $35 donation helps comfort 10 distressed children involved in auto accidents.

100% of all donations go directly to the cost of the Teddy Bears, shipping from China, custom fee's and shipping to the different highway patrol district offices.
If you'd like to help Bobby hit his 2019 goal please send TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations
made out to Bobby's Brigade  

Bobby's Brigade is a 501 (c)(3) tax -exempt

non-profit organization.  Tax ID: 83-4270009

P.O. Box 1252 
Alamo, Ca 94507

Phone 925-336-9425 
​Fax 925-362-3324

Bobby would like to tell you about the woman that helped him get started.  Gaby Ghorbani runs Pledge To Humanity, she welcomed Bobby as a Junior member in 2012, she's helped Bobby with every aspect of philanthropy.   

Pledge To Humanity is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt
non-profit organiztion.  Tax ID: 32-02758-45